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No cost healthcare training for the most rewarding careers in Alaska!

How is healthcare training available for FREE in Alaska?

The Alaska Primary Care Association has been awarded grants through a range of state and federal resources giving aspiring healthcare students and professionals an opportunity to embark on a FREE journey to develop valuable knowledge and skills to build a healthier future for Alaska!

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There are many paths to building a successful healthcare career in Alaska. With a wide range of opportunities and funding available, you can specialize in various fields, such as medical, dental, healthcare technology, and more, offering a rewarding environment for Alaskans to thrive.

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Be a part of the largest and fastest growing sector in the state of Alaska! $34 an hour average wage and benefits reported in 2021. Work a successful career while giving back to your community.
Be a part of the largest and fastest growing sector in the state of Alaska! $34 an hour average wage and benefits reported in 2021. Work a successful career while giving back to your community.
Develop Your Workforce - APCA

DEVELOP your workforce!

Expand your team’s skill sets and help them reach their maximum potential with NO COST healthcare career growth programs available for all Alaskans. These programs empower employers to drive the success of their healthcare teams by facilitating career advancement, offering no cost healthcare training programs, and addressing turnover with professional growth opportunities while ensuring they stay up-to-date on the latest healthcare standards, technology, and advancements.

Connect with a Healthcare Career Advisor to…

  • Identify if funding is available to you as an employer.
  • Discover career pathways for team members that will increase skillset, retention, and job satisfaction.
  • Get connected with ready-to-work healthcare professionals to fill vacancies.

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START your career!

If you’re a 16+ Alaskan considering a career in healthcare or are still unsure of what you want to do, look no further. Get started in one of the most rewarding industries in Alaska – healthcare! Start your career right away with training that can be completed in as little as 10 days and, in some cases, does not require a college degree. Gain valuable skills and earn a great salary while making a meaningful contribution to the overall well-being of your Alaskan community.

Connect with a Healthcare Career Advisor to…

  • Identify a starting point that aligns with your career goals.
  • Sign up for NO COST healthcare training programs.
  • Receive financial assistance while you are in training for expenses
    like housing, childcare, utilities, gas and groceries, etc.
  • Get support with finding paid apprenticeships and your next job when you’ve completed your training.

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Start Your Career - APCA
Grow Your Career - APCA

GROW your career!

Whether you’re new in your healthcare career journey or are an aspiring healthcare professional, there are NO COST career training programs and financial assistance available to you. From life safety training to advancing your healthcare career, our programs offer the opportunity for career growth, improving your pay, and making a lasting impact on the lives of Alaskans.

Connect with a Healthcare Career Advisor to…

  • Discover a program that aligns with your career aspirations.
  • Enroll in healthcare training programs at no cost to help you reach your goals.
  • Receive support for essential expenses like gas, rent, groceries, utilities, childcare, housing, and more as you grow your career.
  • Benefit from our assistance in finding healthcare career placements that suit your needs.

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Healthcare Career Tools & Resources

Explore these tools and downloadable resources to learn more about the many rewarding healthcare career paths Alaska has to offer. Discover no cost trainings that lead to successful healthcare careers while being a part of building stronger, more resilient communities for all Alaskans!